Part 1: Rage Against the Vaccination Machine

Reprinted by permission.

Names and locations have been changed to protect the author from prosecution and his/her pets from execution by the state.

I am a felon-at-large, a criminal guilty of the crime of animal abuse according to the current statutes of the town and state in which I live. If caught and convicted, I will be charged with a felony punishable in criminal court with a fine of $20 per day and twenty or more days in jail, in addition to having the animal abuse conviction permanently on my record and being disallowed to ever own a dog again in my life. The canines in my possession will be confiscated and turned over to county animal control, and possibly euthanized for non-compliance.

"What! How dare you abuse animals!" you say.

"To jail you go along with Michael Vick!"

But wait. You haven't even asked what horrible thing I've done.

I confess: I am guilty of breaking this particular statute. I have broken the law intentionally. As of this date, I have not neutered, micro-chipped nor vaccinated my one year old dog against rabies. I have no intention of doing any of these things to him, any time soon. I am, indeed, a scofflaw in this situation.

In the state in which I live, you can drink alcohol until legally intoxicated, drive on the highway, cause an accident with injuries, and only be charged with a misdemeanor civil offence punishable by a fine. You will likely not lose your license to drive, even temporarily, nor ever see the inside of a jail. You will not have a "criminal" record. But to commit the aforementioned "crime" of not complying with current animal control regulations, you will be charged in criminal court with a felony count of animal abuse.

Do you see something wrong with this picture?

"So, why don't you just get him neutered, vaccinated and chipped; save yourself all this potential legal turmoil? What's the harm? We have to do something about all these animals that end up in the dog pound. And rabies! Remember "Old Yeller"! Doesn't rabies just sort of spontaneously arise in your dog if you don't get him vaccinated every year! We don't want to have an epidemic of rabies! And micro-chipping saves the lives of millions of dogs that end up in the pound every year, doesn't it? So why don't you just comply?"

Here's why:

I have three graves in my backyard, all marked with small white crosses. Three beloved and beautiful dogs are buried there. The oldest barely lived to be 11. The youngest, only five. I fed them the best diet science and my vet recommended and conveniently, sold. I gave them the best veterinary care money could buy. I never missed an appointment when those little reminder cards came in the mail every year. They were neutered or spayed promptly at six months of age. All shots current, every year, never failed. Micro-chipped, teeth cleaned, anal glands expressed, hearts wormed, tested for every conceivable affliction. I was an exemplary pet owner, wasn't I? Only problem was, they were sick dogs and they lived short, unhealthy, costly lives. My guilt was not assuaged by the money I spent at the vet's office, nor by the larger bills presented for the frequent trips to the emergency vet clinic. We're still paying off the debt from the illness and death of our last dog, whom we euthanized at five years of age.

There's something grossly wrong with this picture, too.

I began seeking a better way about six years ago, after our first dog died here at home of an apparent heart attack. That's not a bad way to go, for human or canine. I had no problem with the manner of his sudden death; we knew he had "heart problems". We just missed him terribly. We had spent a lot of money on vet care for him. Not to treat his heart, though; he had these weird tumors that we kept having to have removed. They first appeared at the injection sites where he would get his annual shots. They grew quite large, too. Benign, vet said after biopsy, but still, troublesome, let's take them off, clean his tarter-encrusted teeth while we're at it. When he died, he had a tumor almost the size of a football high on his right front shoulder. He was ten years old. I later learned that it was almost a certainty that these tumors were caused by his repeated vaccinations. No vet ever even suggested it to me as a possible cause.

Our other dog was two years younger, and his beloved companion. She had lots of health problems of her own. She grieved so that the vet said to get her another dog as soon as possible. "Johnnie" was a sixteen week old, very well bred, champion-filled pedigree "dog" that came from a highly-regarded line. I paid more for him than I had ever paid for a dog, at that time.

 My previous two dogs had both come from a back yard breeder, , so I figured that by purchasing a dog from a known kennel who had some control over their breeding program, I would acquire a much healthier individual. Indeed, he looked the picture of health and his mother and littermates were also some of the most beautiful of his breed I'd ever seen.

But he had a hidden fault that would only manifest several years later, resulting from irresponsible breeding practices and the insult to his brain of repeated rabies vaccinations. I got all his shots right on schedule and neutered him at six months, just like any responsible pet owner would, right?

One Saturday when I brought my female dog home from the vet after receiving her yearly panoply of injections, she collapsed in extreme pain, screaming for death to end her suffering. In a stark panic, I called the vet we had just come from, who told me to get her to the emergency room as quickly as possible. She barely survived. No one would suggest any possible cause. They shot her full of narcotic pain killers and steroids, sent me to two specialists to run costly tests, kept her on drugs for three weeks, and she slowly recovered, though never to her former vitality. I kept telling them that she had just had her shots, isn't there possibly a connection. No way! They said. No possible connection. Just one of those things. I called the local vet who gave the shots and heard the same story. She was adamant that no possible connection existed between the rabies and DHLPP she just had for the ninth or tenth time in her nine years, and her near sudden death from some sort of unexplained event.

I didn't buy it. I know what happened. I was there. I took her for her shots, and a few short hours later, this small boned, 35 pound, delicate dog was screaming in pain and near death. I know now that what she had was a fast-acting, usually fatal disease called autoimmune haemolytic anaemia (AIHA) caused by modified live-virus vaccines. None of the four vets who saw her and treated her even suggested it to me.

She lived for two more years. Had I known what those two long years were going to hold for her, I would have put her down then. Her life ended in that same emergency vet clinic, at my insistence, when I declined emergency surgery for a dog who had suffered enough. I was learning, through the fire.

Determined that "Johnnie" not suffer the same fate, I "neglected" to take him to the vet the next year, and the year after, for his annual shots. In the meantime, I began researching the effects and efficacy of vaccinations. Thank God for Google. What I learned appalled me and scared me to death. (Go here to read one of the more comprehensive articles:

  I just hoped that I had quit getting "Johnnie" his "booster" shots in time to save him future grief. Turned out, not. On January 4, 2006 he had his first Grand Mal Seizure. If you've never witnessed one, and I had not, they are terrifying to watch and must be beyond belief to endure. It seemed to last forever. He was four years old.

Epilepsy is one of the diseases most associated with the rabies vaccine. I didn't learn this until after he began having seizures. I also learned that Merck, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the rabies vaccine, contraindicates the administration of this vaccine if a dog has epilepsy. It says so right on the label. It says that a sick dog, any sick dog, for any reason, should not be given the rabies vaccine. Apparently, vets don't read the label, or don't care.

Then began an odyssey of vets and specialists, drugs and diets. Allopathic vet medicine, traditional western veterinary practice, doesn't have a clue what to do for epilepsy in dogs beyond sedating them. He was so sedated with Phenobarbital that he could barely stand. Still, the seizures came. More specialists. We tried potassium bromide, an "off label" use, in addition to the phenobarb. Very expensive, but no change. In the middle of this nightmare, things got worse. The town where I lived noticed that I hadn't been paying the annual license fee for my dog and sent me a certified letter charging me with a criminal count of animal abuse, for not licensing my dog and not providing the required proof of current rabies vaccination. I tried to talk to the animal control officer, a large, heavy-set woman who wears a uniform and a gun strapped to her side. Epilepsy or no, I was either going to get him vaccinated and licensed, or go to jail! I went to the vet and begged her with tear-filled eyes to help me. Was there nothing I could do? No, she said, nothing. The law is the law. It's for the public good. I'm charged with upholding the statutes of this town or face losing my license to practice. And besides, there's no proof whatsoever that the rabies vaccine has anything to do with epilepsy. As far as we know, it's purely a genetic anomaly. It's your fault for buying a purebred dog. Should have adopted a mixed breed mutt from the pound. Saved a life. Mixed-breed vigor, you know. (Later, I learned that many breeds of dogs, mixed breeds included, suffer from rabies vaccine-induced seizures. No breed is "safe" from this side effect of repeated rabies vaccinations, but some are more susceptible than others.)

So I caved. I admit it. I gave in; I let him down. Within two weeks his epilepsy was out of control. I later found out that I could have gotten a vet (probably not that vet!) to write a letter excusing him from future rabies shots, since he'd had several shots already. And epilepsy is, indeed, one of the reasons allowed for non-compliance. The local vet didn't mention it; didn't offer. I didn't know that at the time. But then, once epilepsy occurs, the damage is already done. I made so many mistakes.

One of the specialists said, as a throwaway, since she had nothing else to offer, that she had heard that acupuncture sometimes helped control epilepsy. I had nothing to lose, so we searched and found a vet who practiced a combination of western and eastern medicine, including board-certified acupuncture. "Johnnie" was already on a raw diet, but she cleaned it up even more and added a bunch of expensive herbs, enzymes and other supplements.

 None of this was cheap, believe me, but the weekly treatments really seemed to alleviate some of the effects the seizures and the drugs were having. For a day or so, after each treatment, he almost seemed like his old self. But the seizures always returned, grew increasingly more violent and long lasting, and the cumulative effects of brain damage on him were growing. Finally, we began to discuss the inevitable. In this I was helped by this vet because she had recently put down her own dog who suffered from seizures. When the time came, and I can't bear to write about it just yet, she made it as easy and peaceful as possible, and for that, I thank her. But by this time our savings account was depleted and our Master Card was maxed. We're still paying it off.

In hindsight, what would I have done differently? I would have, hands down, gone to jail before I ever submitted my precious boy to that fatal rabies shot. I am prepared to do just that, now.

After all this, what do I think caused "Johnnie's" epilepsy? I think he was genetically predisposed to seizures, that his breeder knew full well what she was doing when she continued to breed dogs with this potential genetic anomaly. And I also think that the attenuating chemicals present in the rabies vaccine, if not the killed virus itself, triggered his genetic switch and repeated insults by way of repeated rabies vaccines, caused this switch to be permanently turned on.

This is not my opinion alone. I have done much research. Many, many vets and research scientists are on board here, too.

The next time you take your dog to see your vet, ask him how many rabies vaccinations he's had. Did you know that veterinarians are required to have a rabies vaccination, too, before they begin their practice? Who would be more exposed to rabies than a vet, especially a vet working with wildlife? But they are only required to get ONE rabies vaccination in their entire lives, because it is assumed that once immune, the immunity lasts for their lifetimes. Just like the shots we all got as kids. We don't get them every year of our lives, do we? Dogs have much shorter life spans than humans. Why, oh dear God, why, are we vaccinating them every year, then?

Dogs aren't the only ones suffering the ill effects of vaccinations. We have dairy goats, and when we first purchased them from a local certified dairy, the owner insisted that she vaccinate the baby doe for CAE, Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis, a very rare disease, non-existent in our area, but a potentially deadly one. She "warned" us that the vaccine site would no doubt turn into a large pustule and eventually burst. She cautioned us to try and not let the large amount of puss get spread around, as it could potentially be dangerous to the other goats. Indeed, our little doe developed a huge lump where she had had the injection, and eventually we wiped, scraped and oozed about ¼ cup of thick, smelly puss out of the hole in her shoulder. We later learned that the dairy had quit vaccinating their goats for this disease, because the goats were actually dying from the vaccine itself.

We have a very few children in our extended family, about 20 at last count. Of those twenty children, four of them are autistic. Three in one family, one in another. The family with the three autistic children is firmly convinced, for many good reasons, as is their family doctor, that the diphtheria vaccination they received as children triggered their autism. Many other families with autistic children are convinced that vaccinations also triggered their children's autism, as are many doctors and researchers. If not the actual virus itself, injected into their children, which many researchers believe to be the cause, then the mercury preservative, called Thimerasol, is the suspected culprit. Thimerasol is a man-made mercury preservative, long-used in children's vaccines as the attenuating chemicals. Our bodies can eventually eliminate the naturally occurring mercury as found in nature and ends up in the ocean fish we are now warned by the FDA not to eat too much of. But the man-made mercury preservative, considered one of the most toxic chemicals known to man, is NOT excreted, and in fact, attaches permanently to parts of the brain. Quietly, without any fanfare, in the face of all the media attention to the rise in autism in children, the FDA recently ordered the replacement of Thimerasol with another attenuating chemical.

What are attenuating chemicals in vaccines? Read the articles for the complete scientific explanation. But in short, they are used primarily as preservatives for the viruses and are usually composed of mercury, aluminum or formaldehyde -all deadly chemicals. That's what is in that little bottle that gets sucked into the syringe then plunged into your arm, or your baby's behind, or your dog's shoulder. The chemicals quickly find their way into your brain, and some people's brains just can't handle the assault, even once.

There is also a growing body of evidence and scientists to go along with it that believes that the whole idea of forcing the body to produce immunity by forcing it into a disease state is a very bad idea, and in fact, may not be working exactly as we've been told, if at all. Read this article by the renowned Dr. Richard A. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, to learn more:

The animal shelter in the large city close to me recently, reluctantly, announced that it had been forced to euthanize every animal that entered the shelter for several months, due to an ongoing infection (distemper or parvo, they didn't/wouldn't say). They cleaned up their act and are now happy to say that the kill rate has been substantially reduced. They also applauded the idea that their new, tougher regulations, requiring spay/neuter and vaccinations or else, had resulted in fewer animals coming to the shelter. My question is this: Of those several thousand animals that were killed during the disease outbreak, wouldn't you think that at least a percentage of them had been vaccinated against distemper/parvo? Especially considering their new, tougher regulations and the propensity of vets to inject first and ask questions later? So why didn't their vaccinations prevent them from becoming one of the animals going up in smoke at the city pound? The sad fact is that most outbreaks of disease occur in vaccinated populations, human or animal. The actual efficacy of vaccinations is questionable, at best, but the politics of vaccinations makes their administration sacrosanct.

A good friend of mine in her late 60's was urged by her HMO doctor to get vaccinated against that years' anticipated flu virus, since she was of a certain age. She'd never had one before, was in good health, rarely got the flu, but acquiesced to his strongly-voiced request. He gave her the vaccination; eight days later she was in the hospital with the worst case of flu she'd ever had. She later told me she really thought she was going to die. She is firmly convinced that the flu shot gave her the flu. Her doctor denies any connection, of course. They always do.

My step-mother died from severe dementia at age 70. Onset began when she was in her early 60's; at least, that's when we first noticed the symptoms. One of the side-effects of the yearly flu vaccine is reported to be dementia. My dear little step-mom worked in a grocery store all her adult life and never failed to get her flu shot every single year. She never got the flu, but she died a slow, slow, slow death that probably cost in the neighborhood of a couple million in (federally insured) medical expenses. It's hard to believe that there is no connection.

I have no health insurance (another topic entirely) but the blessing in disguise has been that I get to choose my own doctors. I count among the doctors that I depend on two MD/Naturopaths. Both of these good docs are adamant in their insistence that I never, ever get a flu shot. The one who has young children, states publicly that his children have not received, nor will they ever receive, vaccinations of any kind. We have good friends who refuse to vaccinate their children, and by doing so, are forced to home school them. Better home schooled than autistic, they say. They are not willing to take the chance with their kids.

Read the article linked above, folks. And put the words "vaccine reactions" into Google and see what you come up with. We are not being told everything, or even much of anything, other than to get ourselves, our children and our animals vaccinated, or else. The above-mentioned friends who don't vaccinate their children had a conversation with a trusted pediatrician during the scheduled appointment in which they refused the needle for their kids. The good doc told them that she wouldn't "force " them to vaccinate, but that it was for the "greater good". She admitted that some children might have bad reactions, but that we just had to accept the "collateral damage" as the price society pays for the probable protection that vaccinations offer. And speaking of "collateral damage" some other friends have a son who volunteered to serve in Iraq right out of high school. The Army vaccinated him for every conceivable disease and illness he might encounter over there, all in one day. The young man's body just couldn't take that kind of assault, and he promptly ended up in the hospital with a bad case of autoimmune disease, his body just attacked itself. He almost died, and the military denies any culpability, of course.

So maybe vaccinations work, and maybe they don't. But it's for certain that they have side effects, and some of them can be deadly serious, far more serious than the disease they hope to prevent. It may all be for the common good, but if it's your dog or your goat, or your kid, step-mom or son, that suffers the consequences, then the risk may be too high. And then there's the huge question of whether or not vaccinations actually prevent the diseases they were engineered to prevent. Read the articles, folks, there's a lot to learn.