April 2, 1990 - September 9, 2001

Monet, a Royal Standard Poodle, lived 11 years. He had a heart attack in our home and died less than an hour later. He had a large tumor at the injection site from vaccinations.

He was a very special big boy. He loved to go fishing in our boat, mostly because we would cook and eat the fish right away, which he loved. He also love steak, and would position himself in close proximity to the barbeque to smell, once (and only once) burning his nose. He was lovingly called "Monet-Filet"

After Maxwell died, we needed to get Monet a friend, so Camille was found in Albuquerque at a local breeder. She had so many problems from the way her and her littermates were treated that she took a few years to outgrow some difficult behavioral problems. But Monet loved her so much, he taught her what she needed to know and she gradually became more trusting.

He was so gentle for a dog of 85 pounds, yet he could be very intimidating. When he was a baby, the UPS man (in his brown truck and uniorm) used to tease him. He didn't like that much and soon all UPS deliveries were left outside our fence instead of at the door. One day a new driver showed up with a package and Monet chased him back to his truck, stopping with his feet on the step into the truck.

Big Mo


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"Waitin' for filet" Monet

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